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  Be wary of practitioners that claim you had better
  buy property right now because home prices are going up in Naples Florida. 

  Many speculators that bought during the 2004-2007 housing bubble have actually seen their values decline.

Of course in retrospect you can always go back and find examples of properties that might have gone up, but it is not the norm across the board.  Many of the homes and condos all over the Naples area have seen high rates of appreciation.   However, many properties have not had high rates of appreciation since 2007.  And in fact, since 2007 many prices have been coming down; not going up.

In my opinion, the best bet going forward is to purchase something in an existing community in the Naples area.  Many of the well located existing communities dropped in value as well since the bubble and I feel the opportunities are best in those communities.  We've all heard the old saying " Location - Location - Location is the most important thing when it comes to real estate. "   I can help you to buy wisely.

If you have never been to Naples, you must at least make a trip here to see what Naples is all about.  Lately, most people are purchasing for their own pleasure and investment is only part of their consideration. 


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