Condos in well established real estate areas of Naples
that are priced from $120,000 - $259,000 are selling.

When purchasing Naples real estate properties, always use the services
of an experienced full time Naples Realtor

Examples of properties and areas where they are selling if they are in good shape and priced fairly:

The Vineyards....  Condos for sale priced from the $200s to the mid $300s.
with 2-3 bedrooms and with a view.  Hot properties.

Bridgewater Bay...  condos priced in the $200s with a good view and floor plan.
Naples property for sale at Bridgewater priced right will sell.  Homes at Bridgewater
Bay are also in demand.  A home with a view sells well.

Calusa Bay...  condos with 2 car garages priced right will sell.

Autumn Woods... homes in $300s and condos in the $200s
Sales of existing condos in North Naples in the above price range are selling !

Are you willing to purchase a condo without seeing it?

If you are, then you can contact me and when something comes up I can act on it immediately.   You need to be willing to act without ever seeing the property.  If you have this degree of willingness, you can contact me.  You will not have the opportunity to mull over the opportunity when it comes up.  When something comes up, I'll go to the property and check it out immediately and if it looks like the right candidate, I'll call you immediately for the OK to proceed and in most cases the offer will have to be cash.  However, I am not an investment advisor.  Only people that have been to Naples and have a familiarity with Naples and the various neighborhoods should attempt such a purchase.   Only a buyer that is fully familiar with that condo complex should consider this.

I am not interested in selling to someone who has never been to Naples.


Email me if you want to be involved.
Naples condos and Naples homes for sale

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