Investors who have never been to Naples

I can certainly appreciate your desire to invest in Naples Florida Real Estate.  I get many inquiries from people that have never been to Naples that would like to buy Naples properties now before prices go any higher.  Yes; Naples homes and condos have appreciated over the years, so I can understand why you want to get in on the action.  However, real estate investing still involves risk.  There are no sure bets in property investments....

You can search on my site by using the areas indicated to get a good idea of the type properties that are available.  Some of the most popular are the carriage and coach homes priced from the $200,000s to the upper $300,000s.  If you plan to have a loan and mortgage, factor that into your analysis.
Rents might cover the taxes and maintenance costs, but if you have a loan, rents might not cover all your expenses.

You must be willing to make a trip to Naples before purchasing real estate.  Give me ample advance notice and I will then line up the best properties for your consideration.  The inventories change daily.  We will look at whatever fits your needs right up until the morning that we go out to look. 

I am not an investment advisor.  I cannot make your investment decisions for you.
Any investor should plan to visit Naples before making any investment decisions.

  Keep in mind that some of the best properties might sell as soon
as they hit the market and for cash, with no financing involved. 

Naples sells itself.  I can help you to buy wisely.