Naples Florida

Important Phone Numbers

If you are new to the Naples Florida Real Estate area these
are some Important Phone Numbers that may come in handy.

FPL Florida Power & Light   239-262-1322

Sprint   1-800-339-1811

Waste Management    239-649-2212 (Added to taxes) Containers provided
                                   Naples City garbage 239-213-4700 (inside city limits)

Water & Sewer    239-403-2380 Collier County Utilities Division
                           Naples City water & sewer 239-213-1800 (inside city limits)

Cablevision    Comcast 239-793-3577      Time Warner 239-598-1104

Naples Daily News    239-263-4839

Drivers License    239-417-6385

Car Registration & Plates    239-774-8177     (North Naples 239-598-2525)

Homestead Tax Status & property tax    239-774-8172   Must file by March 1st.

Public Schools    239-254-4000

Beach Parking    239-213-1826

Declaration of Domicile    239-732-2645

Parks & Recreation    239-353-0404

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